Danish Champion Dreamcatcher's Joie De Vivre

Best of Breed and Best In Show Winner








Billed Galleri


Born: May 8, 2009 Eye clearance: Free
Hips and elbows: A/A and 0/0 Teeth: Scissors bite, full dentition
100% free from hereditary cataract (HSF4), cleared via free status on both parents

Willow will be bred with expected litter arrival approx. late June. The sire to the litter will be our own Creed, USCH DKCH ClubCH, JW'07, Clubwinner '07, Group and BIS winner - kindly visit the puppy page for further information. Inquiries are welcome!


Willow is our lovely bitch from Lara's litter with Sachem. A really promising litter, very homogenous, great conformation and super temperaments (Lotus on our front page is from that litter). Willow has great conformation, excellent bones as well as allround width and strength, and a beautiful head with very good proportions!

She is a very sweet, mild and happy-go-lucky kind of bitch, who wakes up every day with the best of moods. She expects every day to be the best in her life sofar! It is rather contagious :o) Full of life and full of fun. She gets along with everyone, whether it is the dog pack at home or out and about amongst strangers.

Just as there is full speed when it is time for running and playing, she is all focus and concentration when it is time for work! Same goes for when she is in the show ring no matter if it is at the end of a very long day and she is tired - she musters what is needed and is all there and performing her best!

And...on the more sentimental side: She was old Stone's favourite buddy - despite the difference in age! Up until his last days when he fell ill he knew nothing better than Willow - the two of them could play and have fun in such a sweet way. She adapted her speed to match his capabilities, so the playing was good for both of them!



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