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Hips: A/B  Date of birth: 2 September 1999
Eyes: Clear, last checked October 2004 Height: 56 cm
Elbows: 0 on both elbows Weight: 28 kilos
Scissors bite and full dentition Colour: Red factored

Stone is our big beautiful lively and bouncy dog, imported from Gefion Hall, New York, USA! He is a very fast learner and a lively playful male. He's got the breed's sense of protection and would in the case of danger not hesitate to protect us. Yet, he is also an incredibly gentle and sensitive dog. Last, but not the least he is the alpha male in our little pack, a role that he carries out very sensibly.

Stone is also the most loving and gentle babysitter towards puppies, kittens, chicken, and is very much taking part of the caretaking and socialising of our puppies.

Stone's structure and movement can't be matched by many dogs! He comes from a long line of top winning aussies in the US. He is a Danish champion, Junior Eurowinner in Poland in 2000 and Copenhagen Winner 2002. He has numerous times won Best of Breed and once Best in Show #4 and also has a Best In Group #4 result. The British judge, Ann Arch, who awarded him this win, later wrote an article in the magazine "Dog World" about her judging this show in Denmark with very nice comments about Stone. (click here to view the article)

Besides from showing him, we concentrate on his obedience as well as tracking training. He is a very focused hard working dog, who can go on and on for hours - but inside the house he is a calm, cuddly and loving dog. AND, he likes our neighbour's cows a lot too. Never turn your back on him, when they are in sight - or he is in there herding them back towards their barn! 

Stone's herding instinct is good and strong! He knows what the job is and does it sensibly without ever hurting anyone.


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