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BOB, BIG & BIS Winner!

Aussie of the Year 2010 No. 2, KHKG and Allround

Dog of the Year 2010 No. 3 at KHKG (across all breeds)






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Born: June 15, 2008 Eye status: Cleared, 30 Dec 2011
Hips: A/A and elbows 0/0 Teeth: Scissor bite
Tested 100% free from hereditary cataract (HSF4), January 2012

Noodles will be bred end 2012/beginning of 2013 - check out the puppy page for more information. kindly contact us for further information!


Noodles is the daughter of Lara and Creed, and a more perfect combination of those two's virtues is practically not to be found elsewhere. Lots of intelligence, charm and instincts from both parents, a very good portion of ego and common sense from Lara, and a very healthy sized portion of sense of humour and funny antics from Creed. She is so much his daughter! A ton of fun and charm and wits!

Sense of humour comes in plenty like her Dad. She has a very well developped "language" - she has taught herself to make the weirdest sounds, that she uses actively to communicate with me AND to get attention......

As you can read furter up this page, her show carrier is quite awesome. Whether locally or internationally she has beaten the best and has placed herself in Group and BIS finals. At Hässlehom in 2010 she placed as Group #2 just after the famous Sheltie who won the Group at the World Dog Show in 2010 - not bad at all.... She is a pleasure to show, because it suits her ego very well to be "out and about" and to be with me! So, disregarding hot weather, a long tiring day, a long drive, she does her absolute best. A pleasure to work with.

Noodles isn't just for beauty contests. She has also tried herding and shown obvious talent. Her dog "language" is eminent, and she is a gem to have in our pack of dogs at home!



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