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Hips: A2 Date of birth: 7 April 1997
Eyes: Clear, last checked October 2004 Height: 49 cm
Weight: 21 kilos Scissors bite and full dentition

Luna is our queen bee! She may be small in stature, but her intelligence, mind and ego are of a completely different size...

We purchased her from Khetashio Aussies here in Denmark little knowing what this would get us into.... Since then our love for the breed has meant the inevitability of adding more aussies to the household, of getting into breeding, of getting hooked on showing locally and internationally AND winning tons and tons and last, but definitely not least - the absolute delight and pleasure of working with and training an aussie.

Luna is a smallish sized bitch of very good proportions and very much fitting into the category of "moderate" and "medium", which the standard calls for. While being a sturdy, well muscled bitch, she remains extremely feminine. The judges' critiques have never had anything but positive comments in them!

Luna has always been our little working bee extraordinaire! She has that winning attitude and self confidence that allows her to focus and excel in the task at hand, whether it is obedience, agility, tracking or showing.

We have also had the possibility of being trained a couple of times on sheep by an experienced instructor - it took her 5 minutes to unpack her hitherto unused herding instinct and she was all set-up and doing what she was supposed to do and giving strong "eye" to the mother sheep!

With people and especially children, Luna is very loving and tolerant and it takes a lot to throw her off balance, which makes it so much fun working and living with her! 

Luna has had 3 wonderful litters and she has done so well raising them. She is now retired and enjoys her life in the countryside with us. We have been more than satisfied with her offspring who have all fullfilled our idea of what an aussie should be - they are incredibly good and very focused/concentrated working dogs with all instincts intact and have done very well in the showring as well and at the same time being loving companions for their families.

Out of the total of 11 puppies, the result list is: 3 Danish champions, 1 Club champion, 1 Italian champion, 1 Italian Junior champion as well as 2 more, who only lack the last CAC in order to become champion. Several have added obedience titles to their names and herding is also an event a number of them are doing very well in. All that makes us very proud - a big thank you to the owners of Luna's puppies!

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Last updated: 27. March 2007