Dreamcatcher's Litters!


The Strange Sounds litter!


Lara x Creed, born June 15th, 2008:


This litter arrived into this world showing extreme vitality, healthy and strong. Not that we have before felt that previous litters lacked any of this, but these puppies seemed almost at least week old from the very beginning. Full speed ahead for the milk, and complaining loudly if hindered getting there on the double....

Likewise during the night, when everybody were fast asleep and everything calm - NOT. Even when asleep they enjoyed making the weirdest noices - anything from what we could best describe as whale song, dolphins calling, humming, singing, mumbling, murmuring, growling. Not an easy thing to sleep during this concert. Lara was cool about it as they were all fat and thriving - just with the sound turned on!

This litter further distinguishes themselves by having - further than the expected happy, brave, outgoing temperaments - quite an amount of personal power, independent minds and lots and lots of confidence

Danish Champion, Club Champion, Nordic Junior Winner '04, JW'07, Copenhagen Winner '04 '05 '06 & '07

Aussie Winner 2007 (counting both DKK and specialty club),

3 years in a row The Year's Most Winning Bitch (DKK and specialty club)

Inverness Lara Croft - aka Lara

USA Champion, Danish Champion, Club Champion,

JW'07, Clubw '07,

Breed Winner 2007 (specialty club)

Dog Of The Year #2 2007 (across all breeds in the specialty club)

Halfmoon Full Of It - aka Creed

Dreamcatcher's Dolphin Songs (kaldet Ozzy), 7 weeks old
Dreamcatcher's Sings The Blues (kaldet Blue), 7 weeks old
Dreamcatcher's Humming At Night (kaldet Marley), 7 weeks old
Dreamcatcher's Song In His Heart (kaldet Song), 7 weeks old
Dreamcatcher's Song On Her Lips (kaldet Cassie), 7 weeks old
Dreamcatcher's Wind Chime (kaldet Noodles), 7 weeks old

Dreamcatcher's Blackbird Singing (kaldet Laika), 7 weeks old



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